This Infographic Shows You What People Really Think About The Dublin Bus Strikes

Are you surprised by these stats?

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A new survey has revealed the public opinion regarding the Dublin Bus strikes, and it looks like there's more support for this industrial action than there was for the Luas driver strikes.

Conducted by Coyne Research during the first week of September, 24% of the 1,000 adults surveyed said they supported the bus drivers' decision to strike, while only 17% stood by the Luas drivers.

42% said they did not support the Dublin bus strikes and the remaining 34% responded that they didn't know.

Those older than 55 and male are most likely to disapprove of the strikes, according to the data.

Support for the Dublin drivers is highest amongst those living in Dublin and lowest in the province of Munster.

More of the data is displayed below.


Source: Coyne Research

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