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22nd Aug 2019

Two Arrested After Three Heads Stolen From Dublin’s Wax Museum

James Fenton

The Gardaí have confirmed that two people have been arrested after three heads were stolen from the National Wax Museum Plus on Westmoreland Street.

Yep, the sentence you just read is a completely accurate description of something that actually happened. Because, of course, when you visit a wax museum you just have to steal a few heads.

The robbery took place yesterday but luckily staff at the museum, helped by members of the public, managed to retrieve two of the heads before they went too far. The third head has since been recovered by Gardaí, who have updated their Twitter followers with this delightfully pun-heavy post:

Where ye ‘heading’ with that’…3 wax heads stolen yesterday from the Wax Museum in Dublin. 2 recovered by staff with assistance from members of the public. Gardaí from Pearse St stopped male & female with the 3rd wax head. Both arrested & HEADING to court. #WaxOnWaxOff

Great work from all involved but the culprits should have quit while they were a head, really. Where’s me coat?

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