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06th Jan 2018

PICS: This Outrageously Small Dublin Apartment Can Barely Even Fit One Person


Look, we know by now that finding somewhere to rent in Dublin is harder than trying to find a street that doesn’t sell doughnuts. 

We know all this as we see the cold hard proof on our daily property searches yet every now and again we spot something that still manages to shock us. ‘Surely a real human couldn’t live here?’ we ask ourselves, knowing full well that if were stuck we’d be desperate enough to take it too. 

This studio apartment in-between Rathmines and Portobello is the tiniest place we’ve ever laid eyes on

The description on says: that it would suit a single person as this is a “very small unit.”

It’s €750 a month and they’re NOT kidding when they say it’s small. We don’t think we would even fit through the door. Do people have to go single file when walking through?

Screen Shot 2018 01 06 At 14 59 25
Screen Shot 2018 01 06 At 14 59 17

The worrying thing is this was originally listed in December for €1,100 – the price was obviously dropped when no-one was crazy enough to pay that for it 

Whoever does move in would want to stick to a strict January diet. It’s outrageously tiny. 

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