The Healthy Alternatives You Probably Didn't Realise Would Satisfy Your Pizza & Chips Cravings


Christmas is a distant memory at this point but the effects of it on my body are still very real, my favourite jeans are still a little tight (and by a little tight I mean they're not fitting me at all!). Thankfully I am back into the swing of things, preparing my lunches the night before and trying to eat a nice healthy dinner in the evenings. I love a nice salad but I couldn't live off them so I've always tried to be creative with my meals. When trying to be healthy remember Pinterest is your friend, it's full of tasty and healthy ideas.

Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower rice is quite possibly one of the tastiest things I've had in a while. I usually match it with a coconut curry or salt and chilli prawns. After you've cooked the rice, I'd recommending tossing it in the wok or pan for 5 minutes with a little bit of coconut oil, garlic, chilli and scallions.


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Courgette Spaghetti

My favourite food is pasta, I just love it but unfortunately it is not good for the 'aul weight loss. Courgette Spaghetti is so simple and can be eaten raw. It goes with everything normal spaghetti would go with. You'll be surprised how much it fills the void of pasta! Keep in mind if you're searching Pinterest for this dish that Americans call courgettes 'zucchini'.


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Parsnip Chips

I never used to think I liked chips that much until the day I decided to try cut potato out of my diet. I really missed them when going out for dinner or when my friends would call over for a movie night. So I started to look for alternatives and found these epic parsnip chips. I know it might sound a little weird but honestly give them a go and you'll love them. Have a bun free turkey burger with them to complete the meal.


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Kale Crisps

There's nothing quite as satisfying as munching down on a packet of crisps, it's the texture I miss when I am trying to be heathy but a great alternative is kale crisps. You can buy a packet of these in most health food shops but they could cost you around a fiver and you'll only get a small bag for that, so why not make your own? Mess around with the flavours and you'll find one that will excite your tastebuds.


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Cauliflower Pizza Base

Pizza! Do I need to say more? It was a high priority for me to find a healthy alternative to the usual pizza base and again cauliflower came to my rescue. A cauliflower pizza base is so simple to make and you can put whatever toppings you want on it. I've found making mini pizzas easier than one big one. Have fun choosing the toppings, the parsnip chips go great with these too!


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