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Mad Egg

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Mad Egg is a new trendy eatery that offers a simple but mighty menu.
There are six burger options on the menu – Some sweet, some spicy, some veggie, but all are made from fresh, Irish produce.
The interior has an edgy, industrial vibe to it – It’s simple but very cool.
In the top left hand corner there’s a LED light that says “Get Laid, Get Fed”, I could tell straight away that pictures of this will be flooding my Instagram feed for the next while (It already has been tbh). Every burger is made from buttermilk chicken (it’s delish) that has been tea brined for 48 hours, to make it tender AF. There’s a real crunch to the batter on the chicken, it’s deadly.  You can just tell when you bite into their juicy burgers that it hadn’t been sitting in the freezer for a few days – It was prepared from scratch that day. My top pick has to be the Honey Butter burger, made from fried buttermilk chicken, cinnamon rock, honey butter, candied streaky bacon, pickles and lettuce. It’s sweet, sticky and there’s so much flavour, plus I’m a cinnamon addict. Let’s just say it was definitely an upgrade from my usual cinnamon intake in my boring bowl of porridge oats in the morning. https://www.instagram.com/p/BtqdorcA5bx/  

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