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18th Jan 2020

10 of the funniest and most bingeworthy sitcoms on Netflix

James Fenton

Sitcoms on Netflix are plentiful but if you can’t be bothered to scroll through them all before you pick than we’ve got you covered.

We’re all finding ourselves with more time on our hands so sitting down with a few bingeworthy sitcoms on Netflix is the perfect way to pass a couple of hours. With today being Blue Monday, we figured it’s the perfect time to share our list of sitcoms on Netflix that will help smile this evening.

While we might be biased to the ones we know and love, we’re open to suggestions on any that we’ve missed out on.

Take your pick and enjoy!

Peep Show – undoubtedly one of the best sitcoms on Netflix

The funniest sitcom of the last 20 years? It can’t be far off. Everyone has got a bit of Mark and/or Jez in them and even if you’ve watched all nine series, it’s worth going back to the start and watching their lives unravel over 54 episodes once more. If you haven’t got the time, you can easily pick and choose any episode to guarantee a rib-tickling 30 minutes.

The Office

Just twelve episodes of comedy perfection. That’s if you don’t include the Christmas specials, of course. You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe and you’ll be cheering from the sofa as the Tim and Dawn saga reaches its heartwarming conclusion.

The US version has also been added to Netflix recently, so wherever your preference lies, it’s all there.


I’m Alan Partridge

The source of some of the best comedy lines and arguably the best travel tavern-based sitcom of all time. As outlandish as he may seem at times, we all know someone a bit like Alan.


If you like your comedy crass, obnoxious, extremely violent and just a tad disgusting than Bottom is the show for you.

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

The show that kick-started the acting career of Will Smith. A great source of nostalgia for all the 90s kids and worth it for the theme tune alone.

Fawlty Towers

As timeless as they come. With just 12 episodes, the series about the hotel manager with serious notions of grandeur is easily bingeable across one weekend.

That 70s Show

Featuring a young Mila Kunis (she was only 14 when she was cast) and Ashton Kutcher, the scrapes of the 1970s teens are well worth revisiting again.

The IT Crowd

You can never have enough Chris O’Dowd in your life. At times madcap and always very funny, you’ll get more than a few episodes in before you reach for the remote.

Derry Girls

We couldn’t not include the best sitcom set in Ireland since Father Ted. If you missed it on TV over the past couple of years, this is your chance to see it from the start.

And if all else fails… Friends

Because we know you’re going to ignore all the shows recommended above and stick with what you know. Enjoy!

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