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10th Dec 2018

PIC: Looks Like People Will Post Anything On Facebook Groups To Get A Room In Dublin

Darragh Berry

We get it.

Rooms are scarce, demand is high but what this has to do with either of those things, we do not know.

Groups for housing and renting in Dublin are so handy for finding a place to live or someone to fill a space in your house.

Normally, you want to know what the person is like, if they’re clean, a working professional and so on.

But if you’re looking for a room, what good posting a shirtless picture is going to do for you is beyond us.

Yassine knows the competition is going to be fierce so he needs to stand out so he whips off the shirt and reveals a stomach that’s more ripped than a pair of 2018 jeans.

He’s not fussy. He’s happy with either a studio or a double room but is only going to pay €800 max.

Know anyone who has a space for him? Let us know in the comments.

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