Could we see a new wave of Covid-19 this winter? This free expert-led event has all the answers

By Lovin Media

September 27, 2022 at 5:47pm



Will we see Covid-19 cases rise this winter? Is there a risk of any more lockdowns? Find out the answers to all of your coronavirus questions at this FREE city centre event...

With the cold weather setting in and the winter months approaching quickly, it won't be long before those pesky colds and flu infections start to take hold.

Over the next few months, cold viruses and influenzas will rise and peak and, if we cast our minds back to last winter, it's natural to wonder how Covid-19 fits into all that.

To answer all of your coronavirus questions, Poolbeg Pharma has organised a series of expert-led events discussing what's on the horizon for this year's flu and influenza season, with the latest discussion taking place in Dublin this week.

World-renowned immunologist, Professor Luke O'Neill, will be joined by Cathal Friel, Co-Founder and Chairman of Poolbeg Pharma, for an exclusive fireside chat on the rise of infectious diseases expected this winter, and what we can expect from the upcoming flu season.


Ensuring the event's conversations are backed by industry knowledge and insight, both speakers are leading experts when it comes to infectious diseases and Covid-19. Luke O’Neill is one of the most well-known and trusted voices of Ireland’s Covid-19 pandemic, while Cathal is co-founder of a world-renowned infectious disease clinical trials company and ran the world’s first Covid-19 human challenge clinical trial.

Taking place on Thursday 29 September in the Clayton Hotel on Cardiff Lane, Professor O'Neill and Cathal will create a lively discussion and debate on what this year's flu season will look like, discussing how Covid-19 cases might rise at this time of year and the impact it could have on individuals and businesses.

As it’s likely that we'll see a substantial rise in COVID-19 infections again this winter, Cathal will argue that governments, individuals and businesses will need to deal with it as they do with the common cold and flu, while Luke O'Neill offers another trusted and informed insight into the world of infectious diseases.

As we continue to navigate a post-pandemic world, it's sure to be an invaluable insight into what we can expect from this winter's flu season.


The event takes place this Thursday in the Clayton Hotel on Cardiff Lane at 5.30pm and is completely FREE to attend, with spots filling on a first come, first served basis.

Reserve your spot in advance right HERE and view other events in the series here.

Professor Luke O’Neill, world-renowned immunologist and Cathal Friel will bring their expertise and insights in infectious diseases around Ireland, as they host a series of fireside chats, including one inDublin this Thursday 29 September at 5.30pm in the Clayton Hotel on Cardiff Lane. They will discuss what may be in store from this winter’s COVID-19 and flu season.

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