We are partnering with Shaku Maku on a family-style supper club for Palestine next week

By Lovin Dublin

November 29, 2023 at 1:24pm


Get some incredible home cooking from a wonderful Dublin business and support the invaluable work of the Palestinian Red Crescent

Lovin Dublin are delighted to partner with Rathmines's wonderful Shaku Maku for their Palestinian Supper Club on Thursday, December 7th. The family-style supper club is in support of the invaluable work done each and every day by the Palestinian Red Cresent. With a sharing-style menu, attendees will sample home-style Palestinian dishes unseen in Dublin restaurants, made for sharing this night is a celebration of Palestinian culture, through food, talk and music.

Known for its rich flavours the menu is crafted by Shaku Maku owner Palestinian-born Adnan Shabab, who has put his whole heart into this menu that demonstrates the Middle Eastern soul food he learned from family and friends in his native Gaza. Speaking of the menu Adnan has said, "the dishes we've selected for the Palestinian supper club's menu showcase the depth of the culture of Palestine. Some plates are from different regions of Palestine and go back hundreds of years. Some of these dishes are not well known outside of Palestine, and we want to give the people the opportunity for an authentic experience."

Expect mezze plates of qudsiya (hummus and broad beans), salata falahiyeh (Palestinian/farmer's salad), arayes (ground beef and lamb stuffed pitta) and falafels, sitting alongside family-style feast options like maqluba chicken/lamb (spiced rice, fried cauliflower, aubergine and tomato), zibdiyit gambari (spicy shrimp and tomato stew) and rummaniyeh (lentils, aubergine cooked in pomegranate juice). No family meal is complete without lashings of desserts, with qatayef (Middle Eastern pancakes soaked in rose sugar syrup) and the sweet and salty knafeh nabulseyeh (layered white brine cheese with shredded filo pastry, chopped nuts and cinnamon).

For the Palestine Supper Club, Shaku Maku will be packed to absolute capacity, to make as much money as possible for charity. Adnan will be serving traditional style, so expect family style with 4-6 people at each table, smaller bookings will be added to larger tables, perfect for chatting and getting to know your fellow diners! Not only will there be incredible food, but there will also be more celebrations of Palestine culture including traditional music and entertainment on the night.


This event comes a mere few weeks after Shaku Maku's incredible Plates for Palestine charitable event, which raised over €7k, and it is hoped that this event will double the money raised. "Many have asked us to host another event to help more victims," Adnan has said, "after our last event, Plates for Palestine, we witnessed a massive surge in support from our customers, who all had a hunger to learn more about Palestinian food".

Shaku Maku is dedicated to showcasing the culture of the Middle East, offering dishes from the entire Levant region- Jordan, Iraq, Lebonan, Palestine, Syria and Turkey all feature on their menu, which Adnan prides himself on "showcasing the rich culture of these countries."

Speaking of the genesis for this event, Adnan has said, "after seeing the horrific and total destruction of Gaza over the last month, it is the duty of any human being to give a helping hand. As a Palestinian from Gaza, it's my duty to help in any way I can, and I'm grateful that we have the Irish community on our side. This event showcases our culture and heritage and reminds people we've been around for a long time, and we're here to stay."

"The Palestinian health system needs our support. Last week, one nurse helped deliver ten babies by herself as the doctors were so busy with the heavy trauma from the victims of the bombing. These people are fighting to save lives daily, and all proceeds raised will go to this vital work," he added.


The Palestinian Supper Club will take place in Shaku Maku on Thursday, December 7th, with two sittings at 18.00-20.00 and 20.30- 22.30. Tickets include a three-course sharing dinner (with vegetarian and vegan options available), mint tea and entertainment, attendees must be advised that this is an alcohol-free event.

Tickets are priced at €55 per person, with all money raised going to the Palestinian Red Crescent, get your tickets here

You can find Shaku Maku on 192 Rathmines Road Lower, you can follow them on Instagram for more of the amazing work that they do.