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05th Jan 2020

Nutbutter has just revealed their brand-new location

Sarah Finnan

Nutbutter 2.0 is coming – this is just the news we needed to brighten up a gloomy Sunday morning.

Grand Canal favourite Nutbutter has just announced their new location.

Having closed their doors in October of last year, loyal patrons were left without their daily fix of Açaí bowls and banana bread.

Assuring us that it was not the end of the road though, they kept us all on our toes guessing where the new location would be. And it turns out it’s a mere 200 metres away from the original building.

A post on the Nutbutter Instagram page this morning states: “We have finally gotten the lease signed on our new premises in Gallery Quay which is only 200 meters from the original location!!!”

Adding that they have quite a road ahead of them until opening, staff thanked customers for their support and kindness.

“We are blown away by the amount of support and kindness each and everyone of you has shown us and we are excited to bring you all along the journey to nutbutter 2.0”.

An exciting time for the team – and for all you hungry nutters who have been missing their grub.

Here are a few tasty dishes to lust over while you wait for launch day.–v/

(Header image: on Instagram)

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