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15th Jan 2020

Tasty new ramen pop-up at AVOCA Ballsbridge

Sarah Finnan

Can I get a rAMEN?

No strangers to yummy foodie pop-ups, the latest arrival at AVOCA Ballsbridge is sure to make many a hungry belly rumble and many a mouth water…mine included.

A traditional Japanese dish, ramen isn’t quite soup and yet has all the warming properties of a good hearty bowl. Combining noodles, broth and various toppings, it’s the tastiest answer to lunch on a cold January day.

Available at AVOCA for a two-month residency, there are three different menu options – each packing a whole lot of flavour. Freshly prepared by a team of on-site chefs, each one will only set you back a tenner.

Choose from the firecracker chicken ramen, the Korean beef brisket or the vegan fermented kimchi ramen.

Open Monday to Saturday 11am to 3:30pm.

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