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05th Dec 2019

This Dublin pub is offering anyone named Alex or Amy free lunch tomorrow

Sarah Finnan

It’s like your parents always knew this day would come.

You know those souvenirs you always pick up on holidays? The ones that you have absolutely no need for, but that bear your name, so you buy them anyway?

Yes, well while finding your name amongst the treasure trove of touristy offerings can feel like a bit of a jackpot moment, I guarantee that finding out your name can bag you a free lunch tastes much sweeter.

Unfortunately, my name is neither Alex nor Amy, so I don’t qualify, but if you’re amongst the blessed few who do then listen up.

One of Phibsoro’s finest establishments, The Back Page, is offering anyone named Alex or Amy a spot of grub on the house.

Why? Just because. Fairly sound of them.

Running tomorrow from 12noon until 3:30pm, just bring your ID as proof and you’re good to go.

Have a gander at some of the menu options below to work up your appetite.

Will you bump into Alex Ferguson in for a spot of free lunch? Or maybe Love Island’s Amy Hart? Doubtful but you never know.

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