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13th Jan 2022

006 The L List – 5 things we’re Lovin in Dublin this week

Fiona Frawley

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Not to state the obvious or anything, but early to mid January is a tough aul time of year.

The Christmas decs come down, leaving your house looking like the final scene of Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Payday seems like a lifetime away, and your supply of 94c Tesco pasta is dwindling. You can’t legally sit in the cinema past 8pm and to top it all off, you need a mortgage to buy six cans of Dutch.

But fear not pals, there’s still joy to be found if you look in the right places. Here’s a list of some of the things that I’ve been Lovin in Dublin this week, from online grocery hauls to early evening jazz.

1. Seeing everyone’s rescheduled Christmas festivities

With half of Ireland in isolation over Christmas, my Insta feed is now bursting with people enjoying rescheduled festive dinners and get togethers, along with the odd frantic call out from people wondering where to get a turkey in mid January. You absolutely love to see it.

Scenes from Christmas ’21.

2. Marty Whelan’s daily ‘fit checks

Ireland’s unofficial dad is back at it with the ‘fit checks on Twitter. These personally kept me going back in Lockdown #3 – a bitta swagger on the timeline when the rest of us were in a uniform of pjs and fluffy socks. Actually while I’m here, I might just vehemently plug listening to Marty in the Morning on Lyric. Wholesome chats, a healthy serving of dad jokes and even the odd old school Disney tune – makes the first hour or so of work so much more bearable.

3. Early evening jazz at The Big Romance

If you’re missing the buzz of live performance after so many gigs have sadly been cancelled, get your tush down to The Big Romance in Dublin 1 this weekend. Their Sunday jazz sessions are the perfect way to combat back-to-work fear.

4. An evening of arcade games

I cannot stress enough the good this will do for your soul. Spend a few hours working your way up to ~intermediate~ level on the dance mats. Feel more alive than you have in years with a VR experience. Dedicate an evening to dominating the ring toss or mini basketball net. Earn yourself hundreds of thousands of tokens, thinking you’ll be able to claim the biggest stuffed toy in the arcade, only to quickly realise it’ll get you a packet of Pez and an eye roll from whoever’s working at the counter. It’s the perfect way to spend an evening, and ideal for anyone doing dry Jan. My local is beyond the county bounds in Bray, but feel free to hit up whatever arcade is closest to you.

5. Online food shop from Asia Market

If you’re isolating and want to cook yourself up the feast to trump all feasts, I highly recommend ordering yourself a few bits from Asia Market. Noodle flavours for days, a dreamy array of sauces and all the dumplings you can eat. You’ll be glued to the front door waiting for your delivery.

Tune in next week for more weird and wonderful moments of joy.

Header image via Lovin Dublin

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