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10th Feb 2022

010 The L List – 5 things we’re Lovin in Dublin this week

Fiona Frawley

"The L List" written in a white box on a red background, with white line illustrations of burgers, pizza slices, pints and fancy G&Ts in the sides of the image.

Love is in the air and in this list, which has an air of romance and free flowing pink wine about it.

It’s how the duration of February should be, in my humble opinion.

Random personal rant but a few years ago I went to a yoga class on Valentines Day and the teacher said it’s a day to celebrate love in general – self love, love for your pals and family, your pets, whoever really. For whatever reason, it made an impact on me – yes, there are plenty of reasons to think Valentines Day is just a holiday invented by corporations to sell cards and chocolate and yaddy yadda yadda, but also, you can make it whatever you like. You can bring flowers to a friend you haven’t seen in a while and spend an hour or two catching up, take your dog for an extra long walk or even just cosy up with yourself – read a book, have a bath, do whatever it is that means self love to you. Spoiler alert – love feels good. If you’re wondering what I’m on about, absolutely fair – just thought I’d provide some background as to why I allow myself to get caught up in the V-Day frenzy, and why there’s a good bitta love themed stuff on this list. There’s also the story of a man who used love to scam women out of all their money but look, nobody’s perfect. Okay, over and out. Here are some things we’ve been Lovin’ in Dublin this week.

Heart Shaped Ravioli

I told you I was feeling the love. We featured these heart shaped pasta packages on our list of Valentines themed food to try in Dublin, but I wanted to give them a second shout out because they’re just so. darn. cute. They’re also vegan, so everyone can enjoy the love.

The Tinder Swindler

And all the memes that have come with it. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s the story of a group of women who were victims of a dating app based swindler, joining together to hunt him down. The John Tucker Must Die of the online dating age.

Loose Canon’s Pink Wine Night

After surviving the awkward teenage years during which I vehemently insisted I didn’t like pink in an attempt to be cool, I’ve done a 180 and embraced it fully in adulthood – pink wine, pink clothes, pink everything. Loose Canon are on a similar vibe, and for Valentines Day are turning their whole shop pink and most importantly, pouring out a delicious selection of rosé wines. Where else would you actually be going?

Vito from The Sopranos coming to Hen’s Teeth

When I say I am crying out for them to announce a third night… Let’s send it out to the universe, girls. Incase you didn’t see the announcement last week, Sopranos star Joseph Gannascoli will be spending two nights at Hen’s Teeth this April, where he’ll cook a three course meal and chat to those in attendance about his time on the show and more. Tickets sold out in a blink, and I’ve taken to frantically refreshing the Hen’s Teeth website to be prepared if and when they announce a third night.

Scene + Heard

Smock Alley’s amazing festival of new work got underway this week and runs til the 26th of Feb. Across comedy, theatre, cabaret and more there’s an incredible selection of shows to choose from, for anyone looking to get out and support the arts after a long hiatus. If you’ve never been to a Scene + Heard show before, 14/10 would recommend. It’s a beautiful venue, there’s always a great buzz and you might discover a new artist before they’re off becoming the next big thing, aka being claimed as British after being nominated for an Oscar. Always the way).

Check out the programme and find the perfect show for you HERE.

Same time, same place next week, for an updated list of what we’re Lovin in Dublin.

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