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27 Sinfully Delicious Signature Dishes From Dublin Restaurants You Simply Have To Try 

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Most restaurants have extensive menus that give you lots of choice but they'll often also have a signature dish that they are known for. Something that is always on the menu and a cut above the rest. Something that their customers have liked so much that they would simply never dare to remove it. We've picked 27 of the absolute best dishes in Dublin now for you to try and eat your way through. I'm not going to lie to you and tell you that these are all super healthy (have you every heard of a signature green salad?) so you may want to start an extensive gym routine if you are going to be eating them all. You have no idea how hard it was compiling this list and not covering our keyboard in drool! Check these out...

Cronuts At The Marker

These might have made their name in the USA but the Marker Hotel were quick off the mark and came up with their own version which are absolutely amazing. You'll need a jog after these.


Crispy Lamb Breast - Cleaver East

New on the scene and some epic dishes to be sampled here. The lamb is a little bit special because even if it looks small the flavors and taste packed into that little "slice" are seriously bad ass


Bucket Of Soy Chicken - Crackbird

Crackbird is known for doing one thing and doing it really well and that is chicken. If you want the absolute best they have to offer then their bucket of soy chicken is the way to go.


Seafood Pizza - Pizza E Porchetta

Although there could have been at least 10 pizzas from around Dublin that made it onto this list we went with the rather epic seafood pizza that you have to taste to believe just how good it is.


The Brownie - Brother Hubbard

Brownies come in all shapes and sizes and the perfect one is always hotly debated but once you taste this one down on Capel Street we are pretty sure you'll agree that this is the best one in Dublin.


Roast Porchetta - Poulet Bonne Femme

Poulet Bonne femme are known for their sandwiches which we are always raving about but the roast pork they do can also be enjoyed on its own, with bread or in a sandwich. Buy a lump of it and take it home with you to enjoy the crackling.


Pig's Tail - Chapter 1

Well known by all as one of the best, if not the best, restaurant in the country. There are tonnes of incredible dishes to choose from in here but their pig's tail dish is a thing of sheer beauty. Nearly too good to be eaten.


Chicken Kebab - Zaytoon

Not on the Michelin star end of the scale but rarely will you find a kebab to eat that tastes amazing when you are stone cold sober. Fresh juicy chicken with gorgeous home made bread. A real treat.


Surf And Turf - Aqua Restaurant

You're going to have to head out to Howth to grab this but the good news is that when you get there you will get the absolute best that land and sea could ever offer. A serious feed.


Mixed Curry - Kinara Kitchen

Kinara do a bunch of the best curries in Dublin but what we love the best is the small selection you can get (especially at lunch time) where you get to taste a bit of everything. Make sure to load up on Naan for those amazing sauces.


The Double Burger - Bunsen

We're always banging on about this being the best burger in Dublin and there is only one way you can improve it and that is by going for the double burger which is just immense.


Anti Pasta - Da Mimmo

Da Mimmo is a tiny little Italian place that we love and has a lively buzz in the place. The best bet is to get one of their huge tasting platters and get a bit of everything. Technically a starter but it is massive!


Black Truffle Pasta - Terra Madre

Another little Italian gem that is hidden in a basement and which you could easily miss. Traditional Tuscan cooking but their black truffle pasta is so delicate and tasty that they feel like little pillows as they enter your mouth.


BBQ Ribs - Bison

The first place to jump on the global trend of BBQ joints which made us very happy indeed. All of their dishes are spectacular but their ribs really have to be tasted to be believed.


Meatball Sandwich - Coppinger Row

Bustling little bistro set in the perfect spot between Grafton Street and South William Street. The pick of their dishes though is the open meatball sandwich which is like a super high end pimped out version of the rotten one you get in Subway.


Pork And Leek Sausages - Brasserie 66

Bangers and mash have to be the ultimate comfort food and they just don't appear on enough menus in Dublin. The best version you'll find is in the lovely George's Street venue of Brasserie 66.


Junior's Chicken Sandwich

Hard to think that a simple sandwich would make this list but then you probably have never had the sheer joy that comes with tasting the chicken sandwich in Juniors. More of a religion than a simple sambo.


The Rib Eye - FXBs

They have a few venues around the city which is a good thing because when you do get to taste this Rib Eye steak you are going to want to be close to one at all times.


Carrot Cake - The Cake Cafe

If you are going to have a list like this then you simply have to have cake on it at all costs. We've gone with the Cake Cafe and the absolutely mind blowing carrot cake that they serve up.


Fillet Steak - Shanahans

You'll probably have to take out a second mortgage to eat here but when you taste the steak (make sure to get all the trimmings) the chances are you'll want to sell your actual house to get another one of these bay boys.


Pancakes - The Lennox Cafe

You'll see by the length of the queue here at the weekends that something very special is going on with their brunch. Loads to choose from but we didn't vote these the best pancakes in town for no reason.


Crab Claws - Cavistons

Caviston's have morphed into a huge food brand but they'll always be best known for their seafood. The restaurant on the side of the shop is tiny but if you do manage to get in then the crab claws are a gift from the gods.


Scotch Egg - Pichet

Pichet cook awesome classic food and serve it up in a buzzing lively room. They've grown into one of my favorite restaurants in Dublin and the first thing I'll always pick is their scotch egg which has been there since day 1.


Chicken Wings - Tribeca

Walk past Tribeca any evening or especially at the weekend's and you will see big happy faces tucking into their massive bowls of chicken wings. Enough to feed a family of four in one of those baskets and you'll be doing well to finish them.


Lobster Benedict - San Lorenzo

Another brunch item that we featured just last week and called one of the best dishes we'd ever eaten in the capital. It might cost 20 Euros but it is the best money you will ever spend


The Weekend Fry Up - The Butchers Grill

You probably think you've tasted every version of the fry up there is to have in the world, but the ingredients, love and thought that goes into this make it a step above anything else you''ll ever eat at the weekend when hungover.


Cupcakes - The Cupcake Bloke

small market stall on Coppinger Row where you will get some of the tastiest homemade cupcakes in the world. While he recently won the 2014 Goodall's Best Scone in Ireland Award, we can't walk past his signature cupcakes without picking one up. Baked by his husband and sold by him, which makes you feel good about buying them as well. 



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