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19th Aug 2021

5 dog-friendly walks for you and your pooch this weekend

Katy Thornton

It’s easier to get your 10,000 steps in with a four-legged friend, right?

Sick of taking your pup on the same loop around the estate every morning and night? Walking your dog is made easier with a little change of scenery, and we have some gorgeous options. So pack up those poop bags, the tastiest doggie treats, and your pup’s freshest lead and take them on a little adventure.

1. Marlay Park

Located in Rathfarnham, Marlay Park is a great place to bring your pooch. They have a dog park split into two sections, one for big dogs and one for small dogs, where they can socialise and be let off the lead.

2. Killiney Hill

This dog walking spot boasts stunning views and a steep trek for you and your dog. The Killiney Hill Tea Rooms also has plenty of outdoor seating as well as dog bowls to accommodate you both after a long stroll.

3. Tick Nock

Tick Nock is located in the Dublin Mountains and has several walking routes of various difficulties depending on your personal skillset. Once at the top, have a Mufasa and Simba moment and look at everything the light touches, or in this case, the smashing view of all of Dublin.

4. Poolbeg Lighthouse

Located off the Sandymount Strand (another fabulous area to bring your dog or a walk for a paddle) the Poolbeg Lighthouse provides a great breath of sea air. There are several routes of varying length, so choose based off your pup’s capabilities. If you’re coming from Sandymount why not treat yourself to a Scoop ice-cream on the way back, although be ready for your dog to be giving you the eyes for a taste.

5. Howth Cliff Top

The cliff top walk is one that’s majestic, and will be a much needed change of scenery if you’re tired of bringing your dog on the same old walk. The views of the Howth Peninsula are some of the nicest in Dublin. Why not grab a coffee from Tuck as a treat before embarking (some pun intended) on your walk?

A few last minute reminders before you head on your way, while some of these locations allow for dogs to be off the lead, always make sure to double check ahead of time. And always, always pick up after your dog to respect your surroundings and other walkers! Otherwise, enjoy the views and have the best time with your furry friend.

Header Image via Instagram/killineyhilltearooms

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