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16th May 2023

7 sunny spots to eat your lunch outdoors in Dublin

Fiona Frawley

green spaces outdoors dublin

With temperatures set to hit a whopping 17 degrees this weekend, we’re making sure we’re prepared.

If you live in Ireland, you know the suss. When the sun comes out, it’s likely it won’t be around for long, so you need to pounce. Factor 50 in one hand, meal deal in the other, you really can’t beat an al fresco lunch in town when the sun is shining – the people watching is second to none, there’s usually someone not too far away blasting Maniac 2000 from a portable speaker and once you can avoid the seagulls, you’re laughin’.

Obviously you’ve got Stephen’s Green, Phoenix Park and the banks of the canal ready and waiting for guests but if you’re looking for a sunny spot to settle that’s a bit quieter or off the beaten track, here are 7 of our fave places to have lunch outdoors in Dublin.

St Kevin’s Park

Camden Row

Tucked away off Camden Street you’ll find this small but perfectly formed park with plenty of benches to perch yourself on and history to uncover if you’re into that type of thing. The park contains the ruins of an old church and graveyard which dates back as far as 1226. The present ruined church, built on the foundation of the medieval one, dates to around 1750. It’s a relatively hidden patch of green in the middle of town and a great spot for lunch or a weekend picnic.

lunch outdoors dublin


Iveagh Gardens

Just off Harcourt Street 

Well known for its summer concerts and flowing cascade, Iveagh Gardens is also a beautiful place to head for your lunch break. If you didn’t know what was beyond the ivy-clad Harcourt Gates you’d easily pass them by, but inside you’ll find abundant panels of lawn with fountain centrepieces, woodland pathways, a rose garden and a maze. There’s no shortage of grassy mounts to plonk yourself down upon, and the surrounds can’t be bet.

Enjoy lunch outdoors at this relatively hidden Dublin gem off Harcourt Street. Via

St Patrick’s Park

Bull Alley Street 

Nestled in beside the Cathedral of the same name you’ll find St. Patrick’s Park. A pristinely conserved plot that always gets the sun (if it’s out). The seagulls can be slightly more aggressive here but nothing compared to the ruthless pack that run Stephens Green, and there are great spots for coffee nearby (Søren & Son, Two Pups, the list goes on).

lunch outdoors dublin

Dubh Linn Garden

Dublin Castle

A tiny park with epic surrounds, this immaculately mowed lawn sits against the backdrop of Dublin Castle and the Chester Beatty Library, just off Dame Street. Surrounded by trees and usually quiet enough compared to other Dublin parks, this is a great place to kick back with a book and a coffee.

lunch outdoors dublin

Via Trip Advisor/Amena317

St. Audoen’s Park

Merchants Quay 

A stones throw Christ Church you’ll find St. Audoen’s Park, built beside St. Audoen’s Church which was built in 1300 A.D and is the only remaining parish church from that time. The park also features Dublin’s original stone walls (1100 A.D.), and the last surviving entrance to the old city. The park is nice and quiet and there are loads of nooks and crannies to explore.


Garden of Remembrance

A tranquil spot right in the middle of town, designed by Dáithí Hanly and dedicated to the memory of ‘all those who gave their lives in the cause of Irish freedom’. The Garden of Remembrance is easily identified by its cross-shaped water feature and seasonal rotation of colourful blooms, and is a beautiful place to escape to.

A blissful spot on the northside of Dublin to enjoy your lunch outdoors. Image via Heritage Ireland 

Kings Inns Park

Constitution Hill 

If it’s good enough for the barristers, it’s good enough for us. A quiet green space surrounded by stately trees (including the famous Hungry Tree, which has been gobbling up an iron bench for decades) and a newly opened horsebox café, this park is ideal if you’re looking for somewhere peaceful to sit back and enjoy nature.

Did we miss out your favourite green space in the city? Let us know, and we’ll add it to the list!

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