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20th Dec 2016

Monday Photo Competition – The Top 10 Things Spotted On #Lovindublin this week


Every week we encourage users to share their photos of everything they see in Dublin with the hashtag #lovindublin on Instagram. There are now over 6000 photos there and they focus mainly on food, drinks, nights out, the city, sunsets and other great snaps that people want to share. It helps people find new stuff in Dublin, make new friends and get more followers and likes on Instagram. Everyone is a winner! We like this feature so much that we want to make it even better than it already is and award a prize every week…

A New Weekly Prize

We wanted to give away a prize and we don’t want it to be something that you can get your hands on just anywhere. Instead we are giving one lucky winner every week a LovinDublin exclusive hoodie. These are so rare that only staff have them at the moment but every week somebody will win one and that means they’ve taken the best photo in Dublin that week. How exciting! The competition starts now and the winner will be somebody who tags their photo on #lovindublin between now and Sunday evening. Get snapping!

Here are the final week of photos where the prize was nothing more than the glory!!!

10th. Dún Laoghaire Pier

9th. Birthday Creme Brulee. Yes please!!

8th. Being finished college… Priceless

7th. Dropping Da Beats

6th. Seriously Creative Advertising

5th. Sunny George’s Street

4th. Now Thats A Steak

3rd. Summer Sun

2nd. Early Bird Catches The Worm

1st. Bison Bar Sharing

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