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PICS: €110 A Week For The Chance To Live Out Of A Security Locker

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When I grow up, I want to live with nine other people in a dorm-style apartment where I keep my stuff in a security locker.

Said no one. Ever.

But, for €110-€130 quid a week that privilege can be all yours.

Spotted on daft.ie and rent.ie, this listing is beyond a joke.

To be fair, it’s not minuscule and the communal areas are cleaned once a week professionally.

But, it doesn’t say anywhere if there is access to a washing machine and dryer.

Which is definitely illegal.

40 Arran Quay Kitchen
40 Arran Quay Kitchen 1

Great news! There are two 3-seater couches which means just over half of your housemates can hang out together

40 Arran Quay Sitting Room

Mornings would be such a joy with one toilet and two showers for 10 people

40 Arran Quay Bathroom
40 Arran Quay Shower

Don’t forget the bunk beds with your very own storage locker

40 Arran Quay Bedroom 2

When is this completely bolloxology gonna end?

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