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20th Dec 2016

13 Healthy Lunch Options That Will Actually Keep You Warm On A Day Like Today


Struggling because the thought of just eating leaves during the winter makes you cry? Wanna stay sexy and not stay hungry?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Dublin’s absolutely littered with healthy hotspots that are just waiting for you to pop in and grab your lunch. Here are a few of the best we’ve discovered while cold and hungry.

1. Salad plate, KC Peaches

Fresh, healthy food served in abundance and sold in different areas dotted across the city, with warm and cold healthy food available in all stores.

Pair it with a matcha latté and it will see you through until dinner.

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2. Green eggs and ham, The Fumbally

Served on sourdough bread in this stripped-back D8 location, this combo gives you protein for days with a healthy dose of good fats on the side. Will also keep you full forever.

3. Quinoa burgers and spelt pizza, The Hopsack

Pizza and burgers for lunch? Count us in!

The Hopsack in Rathmines has a salad bar with fresh, nutrient rich salads and soups for sale everyday, along with some healthy treats to keep you going if you have a sugar craving. It delivers too, for those days when you’re chained to your desk. Unreal.

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4. Soup and salad, The Organic Supermarket

The Organic Supermarket has it all when it comes to health food – and with salad boxes the size of your head and soup bowls the size of your face, this combo certainly packs a punch and will leave you full and satisfied.

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5. Stew, The Lo-Cal Kitchen

Hearty, warm and most importantly delicious, The Lo-Cal Kitchen ticks off all boxes in regards to keeping you, and your tummy, happy this lunchtime.

Also served with cracking home-made wholemeal bread.

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6. Spinach wrap, Chopped

Known primarily for their salads, Chopped also do a whopper, healthy wrap range with everything and anything available as filling.

Most of their meats are served warm, and as for the colder ones, you can pair soup with it for a mere €3.49 to make sure your hands don’t freeze on the walk back to work.

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7. Falafel sandwich, Select Stores Dalkey

So tasty, you wouldn’t believe it’s good for you.

Select Stores have a huge range of nutritious food – anything from fresh zingy salads to healthy treats to smoothies – with the added bonus that they don’t look terrifyingly healthy. Result.

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8. Falafel wrap, Blazing Salads

Blazing Salads on Drury Street is an absolute staple for any health-conscious folks who work in the city. Most of the food is vegan and it’s all absolutely packed with nutrients.

Their wraps are absolute knock-outs (the falafel and halloumi ones often sell out) and when paired with their miso soup – a match made in flavour heaven.

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9. Baked aubergine, Cornucopia

New in to Cornucopia, this creation boasts tahini, almond and beetroot baked aubergine with lime cous cous and parsnip preserved lemon sauce.

Sensational, filling and good enough to take a picture. What more could you want?

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10. Pulled pork salad, Staple Foods

What’s great about Staple Foods is that they put so much flavour into every dish. Every salad is zingy, spicy and fresh while still being filling enough to keep you satisfied until quitting time.

Pulled pork is a staple (sorry) on their menu, but they’ve recently released a brand spanking new menu to accommodate their new Grattan Street residence, and it’s obviously deadly too. Warm, HUGE and dripping in flavour – what more could you want?

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11. Salad box, Alchemy

Since Alchemy popped up, healthy food has shaken off its unnerving stereotype and has been made cool. The hotspot has given nutritious food an easy-going feel, while still filling you to the brim.

Their salads are tops, and paired with a juice will make you feel like you run this city.

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12. Any of the specials, Honest To Goodness

Always good for you, always nutritious and always proper tasty, the Honest To Goodness specials board changes daily and generally has a good mix of hot and cold treats for you to choose from.

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13. Vegan falafel bowl, Sprout&Co

You may recognise the name from the juice company that pretty much singlehandedly kicked off the juicing craze with a bang – but now the lads at Sprout&Co have set up shop on Dawson Street, offering healthy lunches that come in solid as well as liquid form.

Check out this beauty – and pair it with a juice to be stuffed ’til dinner and smug ’til forever.