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15 Of The Most Shameful Things To Happen To You In Dublin

By clodagh

October 8, 2018 at 9:31pm


Dublin is a small enough city. The chances of you bumping into someone you know is fairly high, but what's even higher are the chances of you embarrassing yourself, and most likely, in front of someone you know.

We don't know what it is about the city that gives us so many chances to enter a spiral of shame, but Dublin, we still love ya.

Here's the 15 most shame-inducing things that have happened to all in this fair city...

1. Being refused from Coppers

Pretty self-explanatory, if you don't get into Coppers, just go home.

2. A seagull robbing your chicken fillet roll

This is a very real thing, one of the members of the Lovin Dublin offices assures me. A very real thing.

3. Getting on a bus or Luas with an empty Leap Card

It's rush hour, you've managed to get on the bus and your Leap Card fails you. Off you shuffle through the many people absolutely staring you out of it.

4. Falling off your Dublin bike

You're in shock, you're in pain, the cars are beeping. Nightmare.

5. Seeing the Tinder date you ghosted in your local

Keep your head down, keep drinking and it will all be fine. Or so you tell yourself.

6. Purchasing coffee from Starbucks

Why? Why do that to yourself?

7. Getting the first Luas on your walk of shame home

You sit as inconspicuously as you can, but they know. They know.

8. Being screamed at by the Viking Splash

All you're trying to do is go home and then you're victimised in this way.

9. Going to McDonald's on Grafton Street any time before 2AM

Anytime before that is just shameful and you're right to be embarrassed of yourself.

10. Flooring yourself while crossing the road on O'Connell street

The road is slippy when it's wet, okay?!

11. The Nitelink driver waking you up and you not knowing where you are

You swore this would be the last time...

12. Knocking a cyclist down

No matter how many times you apologise, nothing will erase the shame.

13. Walking around town with fake tan up to your neck, and no makeup on


14. Getting a rickshaw and not paying for it

This is more than shameful, and you're not a decent person, pal.

15. Giving wrong directions to tourists

God forbid someone ask you the difference between Northside and Southside...

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.

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