Absolute Bedlam As Thousands Of Ticket Holders Turned Away From GamerConDublin

People are livid


Extreme disappointment in Dublin today as thousands of GamerConDublin ticket holders are being turned away from the event due to apparent overselling. 

It is believed that 20,000 tickets were sold to the two-day event, while the Convention Centre's maximum capacity is a mere 8,000. 

The response from GamerCon and the Convention Centre:

Check out the insane queues within and outside of the Convention Centre where there is apparently a 'one in, one out' policy currently in place:

And how utterly pissed off people are:

A lot of angry mammy and daddies out there. 

Some people have managed to get refunds already despite a "once purchased, tickets are non-refundable" policy....

Screen Shot 2017 03 18 At 14 39 58

Total effing nightmare. 

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