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24th Jun 2017

Armed Garda Patrols And Backpack Bans For Today’s Pride Parade

Alana Laverty

The Garda Armed Support Unit, along with other specialist Garda units, will be involved in a major security operation at Dublin’s Pride parade today. 

And while there is no specific intelligence to indicate any threat to today’s event, Garda chiefs are being extra vigilant to prevent any potential attacks, according to  

There’ll be backpack bans in some parts of Dublin city today and temporary barriers and bollards will be erected to protect crowds from possible danger of being hit by terrorist vehicles. 

Officers say these precautions are necessary following the recent attacks in the UK. 

Bags smaller than A4 paper are grand but anything bigger won’t be permitted into Stephen’s Green, Smithfield Square or Panti Bar. Children and those with medical conditions will not be affected by this. 

These precautions are not intended to scare people, but rather to protect them. 

Go forth, enjoy Pride and be safe x

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