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PIC: Dublin Shop Has Very Rude Sign At The Front Of Store Facing Thousands Of Motorists That Pass

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Well if you were passing by the place and came across this sign, it would nearly put you off the road.

It’s no secret at this stage that Des Kelly carpets are the king of trolling people and going viral all by just using the front of their store.

One Dublin woman proposed to her other half using it, one “horney hunk” tried to get a date with it and Galway fans were trolled by it during their Semi-Final clash with the Dubs.

And the shop is hitting the headlines again for what seems to be a rude sign that’s confusing a lot of people online.

Des Kelly Whole Sign €99

Photo credit: Miles9900

People online are not sure how it should read:

Should it be – ‘Carpet for your only whole, €99.’

Or – ‘Carpet your whole for only €99.’

Either way the shop wants to grab your ‘whole’ attention by thinking about sticking carpet on your bum.

This will have many motorists doing a double take.

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