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11th Dec 2018

Dublin Airport Has Added A Brilliant New Feature To Its Arrival Hall

James Fenton

Picture the scene. You’ve just come off a long-haul flight, you’re absolutely knackered and a massive queue awaits at passport control. What better way to ease your pain than hearing the soft sound of someone tickling the ivories?

This scenario is now set to be commonplace at Dublin Airport with the introduction of a piano to the arrivals hall in Terminal 1. The new addition, specifically a Schiller upright piano, has been put in place to encourage people of all ages and abilities to have a bash at delivering some music to arriving passengers as well as waiting friends and family.

The move comes after similar installations at Pearse and Heuston train stations in Dublin and airport managing director Vincent Harrison thinks the piano will be a welcome addition, saying “The randomness of performances is what makes this piano so special and it brings a smile to so many peoples’ faces. We’re sure the new piano will be really popular with passengers and we encourage people of all ages and abilities to play it.”

Sounds like a lovely way to land. Dublin Airport’s new piano was donated by Murphy’s Piano Tuning & Repair and is sure to be popular with all who pass through this Christmas and beyond.

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