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26th Feb 2020

Dublin City Council is taking legal action over the David Attenborough and Horseboy murals

James Fenton

Dublin City Council is taking legal action against street artists Subset over their David Attenborough and Horseboy murals in the city.

The legal action was taken yesterday and comes after DCC alleged that the murals did not have the permission of the city’s planning department.

The Horseboy mural is located in Smithfield and the David Attenborough piece was created in Portobello last summer. Both are alleged to have been permitted by residents. However, over the past few months, Subset were issued with warnings to have the artworks removed.

Last year, petitions to save both murals were set up after Dublin City Council ordered that they needed planning permission to remain in place.

Recently, as part of our The City Speaks series, Lovin Dublin spoke to members of Subset about the debate around planning legislation as well as the process of created art in the capital and what such pieces mean to the city. You can catch up with those chats here.

The case has been adjourned until March 24.