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21st Mar 2017

PICS: Dublin Fire Brigade And The DSPCA Just Saved A Cat From The Liffey

Alana Laverty

Just another day for Dublin’s heroes. 

Today’s rescue? A lil kitty from The Liffey. 

Sinead Mc Cool was strolling to work when she saw a cat chasing a plastic bag on Burgh Quay. 

“I was walking to work and saw the cat jump into The Liffey after a plastic bag.” 

Sinead Mc Cool

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Sinead immediately rang 999 but was told emergency services wouldn’t be able to assist with an animal rescue so she than rang the Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. 

The DSPCA alerted Dublin Fire Brigade who rushed to the scene and met Sinead. 

“They’d every resource going.”

Meanwhile, the cat managed to swim to a ledge in The Liffey where the boat rescue managed to get ahold of him/her. 

“The kitty was so little and cold and afraid like I just couldn’t leave it.”

Sinead Mc Cool

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And so the kitty was saved. 

What a day. 

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Poor little créatúr. 

Fair play to Sinead Mc Cool — you’re a good samaritan, gal — and all involved in the rescue. 


Pics: Sinead Mc Cool

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