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21st Mar 2018

This Dublin Pub Is Donating All Of Its Bar Proceeds From Good Friday To Charity

Darragh Berry

We were wondering if many pubs would decide to keep their doors shut this Good Friday considering a legislation to sell alcohol has finally been passed for 2018.

However, now we’re wondering if pubs, in Dublin especially, will follow in the footsteps of Slattery’s in Beggars Bush. 

They have opted to donate all of their bar proceeds that they make on Good Friday to charity.

The profits will be donated to Harold’s Cross and Blackrock Hospice Care and to local 4th Port Dodder Sea Scout Group.

They expect a busy day and night on Good Friday considering its a groundbreaking day in Irish pub history which is great news for both charities. 

A spokesperson for the pub said that by doing this, it puts a “positive spin” on the day whether you’re in favour of it or not. 

The pub opens at 12:30pm and will remain open until 12:30am and the sponsorship will last for the whole duration.

Fair play to all in Slattery’s.

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