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08th May 2018

This Popular Dublin Pub “Racially Discriminated” Brazilian Sandwich Board Man

Darragh Berry

The Irish Independent is reporting that a popular Temple Bar pub is being ordered to pay €5,000 to their former ‘Sandwich Board Man’.

The court found that pub had “racially discriminated” the man in question after he returned back to work after taking sick leave.

Felix Guerrero allegedly said at the Labour Court that he handed in a medical certificate from Mater Hospital from a Doctor named Andrew Ngaditiono.

However his boss at the Merchants Arch pub said that he would refuse to let him back to work ““until he got a cert from a proper doctor stating that he was fit to return to work,” according to the publication. 

The Merchants Arch categorically denied this.

in its decision-making, the court stated that: 

“Discrimination on the grounds of race is a very serious infringement of the law and cannot be treated lightly.

“Treatment at work cannot vary with the nationality of the person involved.

“Such discriminatory treatment is odious, unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.”

They added that the evidence issued by the employer “lacks credibility and is not consistent with the documents adduced in evidence”.

This is not the first claim that the man in question has made against the pub under workplace legislation and has been awarded over €10k in total.

While working there, his main job was holding an advertising sign on the street in the hope of getting people to go into the bar. 

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