Free Coffee In 3fe All Day This Friday - For A Very Good Cause

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People rave about the coffee in 3fe, and the place just seems to grow in popularity by the day. 

This week you'll be able to get a free cup of coffee in there as they are doing something special for a very worthy cause

You'd have to be pretty mean not to put the full amount, or a little more into the bucket for what sounds like a very harrowing time for one family. 

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This morning I woke up in Melbourne to an email from Ger O'Donohue from First Draft, explaining that his business partner, our friend and Irelands Brewers Cup Champion Rashel Winn has recently taken a setback in her fight against cancer.

Rashel is one of the most charismatic and warm people I've ever met and after a few mails back and forth we've decided to do something for her that will hopefully help in the coming weeks and months.

Rashel's father Eric is trying to raise funds so that he and Rashel's family can be with her at this incredibly difficult time. We made a cash donation but wanted to do something more and so this Friday at 3fe we are not going to charge for coffee in the shop.

Instead, there's going to be a big bucket on the counter and you can pay what you like as a donation to Rashel's cause. If you want to pay a little more that you usually would, thats also completely fine.

If you can't make it down on Friday there is a GoFundMe campaign here where you can donate funds and Eric has written very eloquently about their situation. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully we'll see you on Friday for coffee, for Rashel.

Colin Harmon, 3fe

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