Have You Seen These Beautiful Giant Dish Murals Around Dublin?

These took our breath away

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This could be the best, and most beautiful, social media stunt we've ever seen in Dublin.

And it's all by wonderful Ranelagh restaurant, Brioche

I stumbled across the murals and was intrigued so I gave them a buzz and spoke Brioche's manager, Patrick McArdle, who explained that the murals are all part of Brioche's rebranding and relaunch. 

But he also explained how the murals were built – day by day, ingredient by ingredient. Just like a chef would build a dish. 

What an incredible idea!? Check out the process below. 

It started with an empty plate 

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And day by day, component by component, it came to life

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Until finally... they were complete. 

We have the starter:

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The main course:

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And desert: 

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But all dishes must be devoured, and that's exactly what will happen next. 

Forks will appear – while the food disappears. 

I really, really love this idea! If that wasn't already obvious.

The stunning artwork was created by Rabbit Hole street art producers, who are responsible for a load of other unreal street art promotions around Dublin. 

That's not all...

The murals are all part of a competition by Brioche as part of their rebrand. Here's how to enter:

  • Take a photo of one of the dishes, located at each of the spots featured on the map below. 
  • Post the photo to Instagram and tag @BriocheRanelagh and use the hashtag #BriocheRanelagh.
  • Simple!

The winner will get to attend a gala dining event in Brioche with a friend. 

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