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25th Aug 2019

Have You Spotted The New Brendan Behan Mural In Dublin Yet?

James Fenton

55 years after his death, Brendan Behan is still revered as one of the most iconic Dubliners.

You only need to visit the countless number of pubs where his image and quotes adorn the walls or take a stroll along the Royal Canal where he sits in statue form in Drumcondra.

Very much associated with the north inner city, Behan has now been honoured with a brand new mural which has cropped up in recent days.

It has taken pride of place on the side of Richmond Cottages in Summerhill and depicts the playwright looking deep in thought with an empty pint and a typewriter.

The image is the work of artist Shane Sutton and is just the latest in a long line of high-quality murals that have adorned our city’s walls. More of this, please.

(picture credit: Alan Fenton)

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