Here Are The 7 Dublin Doughnuts That You Absolutely Need To Check Off Your List

It's National Doughnut Week, everybody – and here's how you can celebrate in style


So, it’s National Doughnut Week – a celebration of one of life’s gifts that some say is better than Christmas, Easter and St Patrick’s Day combined.

Naturally, we would have to agree; these sweetie goods have become the food craze of 2015 for a very good reason.

Here are seven Dublin doughnuts that you absolutely need to tick off your list.

7. Aungier Danger – Red Velvet Crime Scene

Exercise caution with this one. There’s only so much taste your poor little mouth can handle.

6. The Rolling Donut – Sugar Doughnut

O’Connell Street’s famous doughnut kiosk long predates the recent doughnut craze – it's been going since 1978, believe it or not – and serves some of the freshest fare in the city.

Handle with a napkin, and keep well away from your phone – these things are gratuitously greasy.

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5. Dublin Doughnut Co – Lemon Meringue Pie

Because a pie-themed doughnut can only be a good thing. These guys serve up their grub in 147 Deli and Vice, among other places, and need to be tried to be believed.

4. Green Bench Café – Jam Doughnut

These staples of the doughnut world got a bad name after decades of association with supermarket slop. But you can’t beat the classics – and this Montague Street joint puts a 21st-Century spin on an old favourite.

Green Bench Cafe

3. Revolution Bakery – Toffee Popcorn

Popcorn… on a doughnut.

We shall say no more. Available at 3fe, including their new venue on Sussex Street, and Avoca.

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2. Krust – Oreo and Whipped Cream Cronut

They didn’t invent the doughnut-croissant hybrid – but they may just have perfected it. This is a work of art, and needs to be savoured in one of their Dublin stores on George's Street or Aungier Street.

1. Aungier Danger – Banoffee Autopsy

If a doughnut has fruit on it does that make it one of your five a day?

Aungier Danger is the fourth most-searched term on Lovin Dublin, and with creations like this it’s not hard to see why.

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Alana Laverty

Just a Galway gal eating and writing her way around Dublin / @alanalav