FIRST LOOK – We Checked Out The All-New Aungier Danger And Its Durty Doughnuts

Live dangerously this lunchtime


We've found the latest place you have to go when you need a little something bold.

We've talked recently about how hot doughnuts are right now (or 'donuts', if you wanna be all American about it) and Aungier Danger is testament to that.

Not only that, but Aungier Street's newest doughnut joint (it just opened this morning) is also feckin' gorgeous.

Having worked with doughnuts in the past at The Rolling Donut, young owner Phil Costello said he wanted to provide a better class of doughnut. A filthier kind. He said,

I was going for a more modern kind of doughnut place, with the music and the coffee as well. I wanted it to feel like a New York doughnut place.

Aungier Danger also serves amazing sandwiches on chia loaf and corn bread, including Deadly BBQ Relish with Roasted Peppers & Monterry, Pulled Chicken Avocado with Spinach & Jack, and Smokey Sun-dried American Pastrami & Buffalo, all for €6.

The coffee isn't to be sniffed at either, with the beans coming all the way from The Barn in Berlin.


But we know why you're really here: them sweet doughnuts.

Aungier Danger currently offers five varieties of danger-themed doughnut: Five 'O' (ring doughnut with lemon and poppy seed icing with shredded biscuit), Cherry Gunshot (a spin on the Black Forest Gateau, this one's filled with cherry), Dublin Deathtrap (spin on the Boston Cream, filled with vanilla-infused custard), and the Banofee Autopsy (banofee-filled with double chocolate icing and vanilla drizzle and a little fresh banana).

The show stealing doughnut has to be The Crime Scene, however, being red velvet with a cream cheese filling and fresh strawberry blended into it's icing, this is positively orgasmic. And they're all just €3 a piece.

Take a look at these beauts below.


You may have a little trouble getting your hands on these doughnuts today, as the treats have been selling out faster than Aungier Danger's bakers can make them.


Do try to make it to the shop some time during the week though, we can guarantee you won't regret it.

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