Listen As Aer Lingus And Ryainair Pilots Avoid Near Collision Over Dublin


Well, this is more than a little terrifying.

This exchange between air traffic controllers at Dublin Airport and two pilots was uploaded by Dublin Aviation to YouTube.

The two planes, one Aer Lingus coming from Milan and the other Ryanair coming from Venice, had an extremely close call while navigating over Dublin on Monday.  

There were delays of up to 30 minutes for landing planes and controllers were busy dealing with the backlog when the near miss happened. 

Airborne planes are to be separated by at least three miles laterally and 1000 feet vertically, and these two came within a mile laterally and 700 feet vertically of each other. Pretty scary. 

The controller and pilots quickly corrected the situation, and the video description says that "it is not clear who was at fault". 

Ryanair contacted us with this statement: 

“This flight from Venice Treviso to Dublin last Monday (6 Feb) was on approach to Dublin Airport under the direction of Dublin ATC when it was instructed by ATC to ‘go around’. The crew performed a routine ‘go around’ and landed normally shortly afterwards."


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Alana Laverty

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