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25th Aug 2020

New pop-up burger joint to sink your teeth into in Glasnevin

Sarah Finnan


There’s nothing more satisfying than sinking your teeth into a big juicy burger – veggie, meat or otherwise. Get yourself one with all the trimmings and that will set up for the day. Of course, burger toppings are always a bit of a contentious topic given that they’re highly subjective – some go all out and order a bit of everything, some prefer to keep it plain and simple. However you like yours, there’s no denying that burgers are a foolproof way to keep the hunger at bay (unintentional rhyming, I promise).

If burgers are your gig, no doubt you’ve already sampled most of the city’s offerings by now but there’s a new spot to add to the list so best not throw in the napkin and call it a day just yet.

Due to open later this week, Dive Tru is the newest arrival to Dublin’s fair city. Setting up shop out in the heart of Glasnevin, they’ll be open every Friday and Saturday where they’ll be serving up big burgers and classic junk food.

Only offering beef or chicken options for now but there are cheesy garlic fries on the menu that will surely keep veggies happy for a little while at least.

Below is one of their signature creations. Titled the ‘chilli nacho burger’, it comprises a six-ounce burger patty, house chilli, cheddar cheese, crunchy nachos, chilli mayo and a brioche bun – served with lettuce, gherkin, tomato and onion.

Looks like Everest to me.

Header image via Shutterstock

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