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23rd Apr 2018

VIDEOS: Protests Begin As ‘REPEAL’ Mural Is Removed At Project Arts Centre

Darragh Berry

On Friday, it was confirmed that the famous REPEAL mural which had returned after being painted over back in 2016, would be painted over once again.

In a post, Project Arts said “The Charities Regulator has informed Project Arts Centre that the display of Maser’s ‘Repeal the 8th’ artwork is ‘political activity’ and that we are therefore in breach of the Charities Act 2009 and not in line with our ‘charitable purpose”

The removal of the mural began on Monday morning and protesters gathered around to share their disappointment that the mural would once again be painted over.

The official Twitter for LGBT+ news, Gay Community News, shared videos of the protests on their social media account as well as footage of the mural being painted over.

Protesters held up printed pictures of the mural before it was removed and chanted that they could “take down the mural” but they “can’t take down the movement”. 

A spokesperson for the Project Arts Centre stated that: 

“Throughout its 52-year history, the centre has always placed itself at the centre of current and political issues and has done this through the art it has produced and displayed.

“This artwork will live on in the people who have taken its heart into theirs. 

“You can paint over a mural, but you can’t paint over an issue.”

The same spokesperson then picked up his long painting brush and began to paint over the ‘repeal’ part of the mural as the crowd behind him shouted: ‘What do we want? Repeal the eighth. When do we want it? Now.’

The top and bottom half of the love heart still remains. 

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