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14th May 2020

Sprezzatura is back with all your faves – launching new home grocery service

Sarah Finnan


One of the most popular additions to the Dublin foodie scene, no amount of our own homemade attempts can compare to Sprezzatura’s offerings – my last meal before leaving Dublin pre-lockdown was a plate of their cacio e pepe and I’m still dreaming about it.

It’s been a long few weeks since they closed their doors back in March, but the team at Sprezzatura are back with a vengeance. Launching a new grocery service, the Sona Box has a greater aspiration than just food and after a successful initial few rounds of sell-out orders, the service is now live to the public.

How does it work?

Luckily there’s not much hard graft involved – just click onto the website, choose five meals, pay the 30 quid and wait eagerly at your window for it to be delivered. Each of the meals is part-prepped and includes all of the homemade pastes, sauces and broths you need to finish off the dish.

They’ve even expanded their menu to include a few international options (not just Italian) ranging from pasta to pizza to chilli beef ramen and lamb burgers. Not to mention the Booze boxes which are packed full of wines from Winelab, beers from All Tech and soft drinks from King of Kefir along with a Sona Shop that includes farmers market supplies such as bread, spreads and cheeses (available additionally).

Hoping to use the service to build a better and more connected community, Sprezzatura is also partnering up with a number of vital Irish charity services including the Dublin Simon Community and ALONE. Pledging €1.50 per customer to the charities and offering you the chance to match it at point of payment, they’re aiming to drive the biggest sustained food donation on record in support of all those who are struggling during these uncertain times.

Speaking of the launch, owner Thom Lawson said:

“Sona Box was born of a need to plug several gaping holes in this new society of ours. On one hand, we are becoming restless and must persevere so we wanted to make staying at home a more joyful experience where every night is a culinary adventure that you can take pride in.

We also became acutely aware that there were those in our community whose struggles were far greater than boredom and wanted to do something that could support them in a tangible way. Sona Box is more than just the sum of its parts. It is a community connector that joins people from seemingly disparate worlds together.”

Also staying loyal to the Sprezzatura ethos of sustainability, the Sona Box uses compostable packaging and step-by-step recipes that are only available online. Available across Dublin, with orders on a first-come, first-served basis. Order here.

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