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T-Shirts From THAT ‘Meanwhile At Clongowes’ Meme Are Now Available

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We’ve all seen it.

We’ve all been reduced to tears by it. 

Yep — the ‘Meanwhile at Clongowes’ video that went viral due to its absolute hilarity and accuracy. 

If you haven’t seen it, and haven’t a clue what I’m on about, then take a look for yourself: 

Ah yes. 

The LADS. 

Well if you wanna wear the lads everywhere with you — now you can. 

Oh, Ploon. 

Tony Cantwell of Tony Cantwell Comedy has teamed up with designer Kathi/@FattiBurke to create this hilarious top. 

And all the proceeds will go to charity, Syrias Vibes. 

They cost €20 (post and packaging and soft drink not included) and there’s only 50 ‘o’ them so email tonycantwellcomedy@gmail.com ASAP if you wanna get your hands on one. 

They’ll fly

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