The Exchequer Have Just Launched Some Glam New Cocktails

Is it acceptable to go for after-work drinks on a Monday?

The Exchequer Cocktail 2

Last week The Exchequer won the title of All-Ireland Best Cocktail Experience at The Restaurant Association of Ireland Awards. 

And to celebrate, they decided to treat us by adding three gorgeous new cocktails to their menu.

Now, we're absolute suckers for a good cocktail and from the looks of it the new additions are absolutely deadly...

Cuppa Joe

Jameson, Cointreau, espresso, egg and vanilla syrup, quaintly served in a glass teacup and saucer

Saint and Scholars 

Writers Tears, ginger liquor, rosemary syrup, Orinoco bitters and Orchard Thieves cider, served with a sprig of fresh rosemary.

Jonathan Reese’s Myers 

Peanut butter washed Irish Mist, Tullamore Dew, salted caramel and chocolate milk, served with chocolates.  

Peanut. Butter. !!!!!

The Exchequer Cocktail 6

We are proud to have an award-winning team of mixologists at The Exchequer whose talent and creativity is matched by the quality of our ingredients. We listen to our customers, adapting our offering to their tastes, while also encouraging them to experiment by trying innovative new cocktails. We are delighted to receive an award that recognises this passion for both mixology, and our customers. 

Peter Rock, owner of The Exchequer
The Exchequer Cocktail 7

It'd be rude not to pop in for a Jonathan Reese's Myers, y'know, to congratulate them and stuff, wouldn't it...?

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