The World’s Greatest Hangover Cure Has Just Come To Dublin - But It Will Cost You €199

But like, worth it?

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We've all been there... You wake up stinking of Jägerbombs, your head won't stop throbbing and it's a struggle to even keep your eyes open.

You look frantically around your room (thank God you woke up in your own bed!) for your phone, ID and other belongings - one of them is generally missing. You weep consistently praying for your local takeaway to open so that you can bury your head in a spice bag, knowing that the only cure for your hangover is time.

But what if we told you that there's a real hangover cure that is better than time, Netflix, and a 3-in-1 - and it comes in an IV bag?

Enter Reviv, an "IV therapy rehydration wellness service" which you can now get it in Venus Medical in Dundrum from between €199 and 349 for each infusion.


With everything from 'Megaboost' to 'Royal Flush' you're sure to find a Reviv suitable for your specific hangover needs here... Welcome to the future.

Now to win the lotto so that we can afford this expensive habit every weekend!

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