This 13-Year-Old Girl From Dublin Tore Donald Trump To Shreds On The Ray D'Arcy Show

'I suggest you compare Donald Trump to a four-year-old in future'

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Last week The Telegraph UK published an article by Charles Krauthammer where he compared Donald Trump's intelligence to that of an 11-year-old.

And 13-year-old Julia O'Callaghan from Dublin was outraged – so outraged that she penned this letter of complaint to The Telegraph:

Julia was then invited to talk with Ray D'Arcy on his RTÉ Radio One show, where she came out with some pretty legendary statements. 

I originally kind of wrote it as a bit of a joke but you know I still feel strongly about it. It is a thing that happens. People do always compare older men like Trump who act really immaturely to the wrong age group, like 12 year olds or something.

And that's not all she had to say...

When it’s used as an insult, it can be quite insulting to us – the 12 and 13 year olds. We have minds as well and we can talk, you know.

When asked about Donald Trump

It’s scary if he does get elected the horrible things he is going to do, or could do... our class is pretty up to date with the election thing and I’d say we would have better views than him. Definitely.


Catch the full interview with Julia here.

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