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21st Sep 2017

This Charming Pub Will Make You Feel Like You’re Not Even In Dublin City Centre


We all have our go-to favourite place that we like go to for a few drinks in Dublin.

There’s just something incredible about finding the perfect spot that’s not too crowded, has a nice atmosphere and also does decent drinks.

Well, this charming pub right in the heart of the city is my favourite place, and you should definitely check it out…

It screams character, has a homely, warm feel to it and has a bucket load of history behind it. You really won’t find anywhere else in Dublin that’s anything like this cute little pub.

What pub is it?

It’s only the legendary, The Palace Bar on Fleet Street.

The cozy pub is an all time favourite with Dubliners, and many have brushed shoulders with famous celebrities over the years who drink here.

The unspoiled Victorian pub is the ultimate getaway back in time.

It almost feels as if you aren’t even in the central city centre once you step inside the charming pub.

Palace 3

(image: The Palace Bar/Website)

The Palace Bar was built in 1823 and has been serving punters to this day since then. 

It is even a spot that many tourists hear of and have to check out. 

It’s just that good.

What makes it so special?

The priceless pub is renown in the city for its character and charm.

The interior has a sense of warmth and comfort, and you will really feel like you are right at home once you sit down with a pint. 

Palace 4

(image: The Palace Bar/Website)

The interior and its walls are covered in history, which include sketches, photos, antiques and quotes of the legendary pub. 

It has even been the local for many famous Irish writers over the years. 

Some of the local famous writers who would gather frequently to the historic bar included, Patrick Kavanagh, Flan O’Brien, Brendan Behan and many more.

The famous lamp-posts outside even pay tribute to the Irish writers…

The history of many generations…

The classic pub has a long history of owners that goes way, way back through. 

The Palace Bar was first built by a family named Hall and in the early 1900’s was bought by The Ryan family of Tipperary and called it The Widow Ryan.

It was then sold onto Bill Aherne in 1946 for a whopping £27,000 at the time and remains in the family to this day. 

The Palace Bar was even the focal point for The Irish Times writers in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s who would meet to go over stories for the day over a few drinks.

The bar today is run by Bill’s son Liam and his grandson William, and the renown decor remains the same after these 194 years later since it was built.

It is truly iconic and you really cannot get it anywhere else.

Am I right?

They have some of the best toasties

If you fancy a bite to eat their toasties are to die for. Melty,oozey cheesy goodness.


The jalapeno chili relish or smokey BBQ sauce toastie is simply mouth-watering.

We are craving one of these right now…

The charm is timeless

The charismatic pub is definitely a place you need to check out if you are strolling around the city centre and haven’t already.

It’s always a popular spot and it captures a time in history that you really cannot get anywhere else, it’s iconic.

From the decor, the walls, and even the lively atmosphere, it is really the most charming bar in Dublin city centre.

I don’t know about you, but I know where I’m going for a few drinks after work today.

Have you been? Let us know!

(header image: 0marlon7/Instagram and maegan.ramirez/Instagram)

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