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26th Aug 2021

This Dublin bus service is coming to an end

Katy Thornton

Some Airlink services have been permanently cancelled. The news broke on Twitter last night.

The Dublin Commuter Coalition has announced that the operation of Airlink 747 and 757 has been ceased permanently. The service was initially suspended temporarily because of the pandemic and the lack of demand for it. This decision was thought to be a temporary one and with international travel back up and running, this news comes as a surprise to commuters.

The Dublin Commuter Coalition detail that the routes were no longer financially viable.

The 24 hour 41 service and the 16 bus will both continue to go to and from the airport. Commercial operators such as Dublin Express and Aircoach will also continue to operate. You can read more about it on the Dublin Bus website.

Header image via Twitter/DublinCommuters

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