This Dublin Chipper Has A New Vegan Menu

The White Moose Café could learn a thing or two from these guys...

Crlt Iw Mxg Aanms V

I'd consider myself quite familiar with McGuinness’ Traditional Take Away on Camden Street.

As a young wan I'd pop in for some chips after a fun filled night in The Palace, and as I got that bit older I'd even call in for a slice of pizza after gettin' the shift in Coppers. 

After all of The White Moose Café's attention seeking antics over the last few years, it's nice to see some Dublin businesses broadening their horizons and accommodating vegans. 

It's nice to be nice. 

And the food looks daaaycent. 

Our mission: the first chipper to cater to our vegan customers with their own menu because we get hungry too.

Their vegan meats are produced Moodley Manor, and they look delish. 

Have you tried it yet?

Header pic: DublinByMouth: Niamh

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