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31st Aug 2021

This Dublin hotel menu from 1972 shows just how much has really changed in 50 years

Katy Thornton

Anyone for a 35p omelette?

It’s hard to imagine not paying a minimum of €16 for a main course meal in Dublin – it’s a lot easier to think back to your meal out this weekend and dropping €60 on food and drinks. Add in a taxi home or moving onto somewhere else and you’re setback €100. So we were shook to see this menu from The Gresham Hotel which dates back to 1972. Everything is in pounds, so you know it was a long time ago.

Of course inflation has a part to play here too but when converted to today’s money, the prices are still outrageously low. Dublin before The Celtic Tiger seems almost a foreign concept now.

The omelettes, priced at 35p for plain, cheese, or mushroom (accompanied of course by grilled tomato and croquette or fried potatoes) comes to approximately €5.15 in today’s money. The grilled sirloin steak, which costs a whopper 98p, comes to just €14.50, about a tenner cheaper than what we would pay for one nowadays. On the current menu for The Gresham Hotel, which still stands on O’Connell Street, the sirloin steak goes for €22.95.

Perhaps the most insane is that a bowl of the minestrone soup, the beef broth or the cream of chicken at 12p would nowadays only cost you €1.75.

Seeing menus like this is a blast from the past and just goes to show how things have really changed!

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