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23rd Aug 2017

This Dublin Pub Is Offering €100 Reward After Their Beloved Trump Urinal Was Stolen


One of the most iconic decorations in a Dublin pub in the past year has been stolen, and we have some serious questions about it.

Adelphi bar on Abbey Street made headlines for their legendary urinal in the men’s jacks, which was plastered with Donald Trump’s face as a target for fellas to eh, entertain them on their visit to the toilette.

But now, we’re sorry to say, it has been stolen. Gone. Sniped. 

Adelphi posted on their Facebook that they were offering a €100 beer tab for whoever can safely return their Donald…

“REWARD !!!!!!

“Somebody stole Donald from our urinal and we badly want him back.
As a reward we are offering a €100 beer tab for the person that returns him to us.
Our bathroom is just not the same without him and the enjoyment of using the urinal without Donald’s face on it has left us feeling sad.

So please can you put the word out and help get Donald back to us.”


Question No.2: What is the thief using it for? 

Question No. 3: Again, we gotta ask: Who. Steals. Something. That. Hundreds. Of. People. Urinated. On.

Just bring it back to where it belongs please…

MAGA = Make Apelphi Great Again.

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