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22nd Mar 2018

Transport Minster Confirms Dublin To Have Metrolink By 2007 In This Brilliant Old Footage

James Fenton

Today saw the unveiling of the preferred Metrolink route which will make traveling from the city centre to the airport a lot easier for Dubliners and tourists alike in the future. 

Unfortunately, people will have to wait the best part of a decade before they can use it as the proposed date for the opening of the system is 2027. This is perhaps understandable given the inevitable paperwork, red tape and, you know, actual building of the thing that has to take place first. 

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It appears that realism has taken over from blind ambition though as this RTÉ footage from 2002 will testify. It shows the then Minister for Transport, the late Séamus Brennan, confirm that a Metro system would be up and running by 2007 which with the benefit of hindsight, was probably stretching things a bit. 

In the same clip, the building of the Luas is seen to be right on schedule so lets hope Dublin’s next big transport project goes as smoothly. 

You can watch the footage in full here.

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