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21st May 2021

WATCH: This Dublin guy started making and selling slick skateboards during lockdown

Alan Fisher


We recently met up with Evan, the creator of Slack Boards Co. so he could tell us his story.

In short, this guy started making really beautiful-looking skateboards as a passion project during the lockdown.

From there, he has turned it into a small (for now) business.

Have a look at how our chat went:

As you can see, it’s a really inspiring story. Follow your passion and things can work out.

Evan got his first piece of salvaged wood from his uncles’ garden. An oak tree was being cut down and his father decided to mill it to put it to good use.

Evan got his hands on a bit and tried his hand at making a skateboard. It wasn’t his finest piece of work as he admits, but that didn’t stop him.

With some research and some more practice, he nailed his design.

He posted a picture on his Instagram and people started inquiring where he got it.

This led to people asking could he make them one, which was when he discovered he had something people would buy.

It all kicked off from there and he has since built ten boards.

Why ten?

Well, he plans to do monthly releases which will each have around ten boards up for sale. The release will also have some merch like t-shirts and jumpers.

What I really like about Slacker, is that Evan plans to plant trees for every piece he sells whether that be a skateboard or a t-shirt.

The first release goes on sale next week, May 28. If you want to get your hands on anything, you better be fast because what I hear is that they are going quick!

Make sure to give them a follow on Instagram.

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