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04th Feb 2021

Weather expert says Dublin is one of eight counties ‘most at risk’ of heavy snow next week

James Fenton

Dublin is one of eight counties most at risk of heavy snow next week as Ireland faces a ‘significant spell of winter weather.’

Cathal Nolan of Ireland’s Weather Channel has been sharing updates ahead of an expected spell of cold weather next week, with heavy snow set to impact parts of the country.

Today’s update says that ‘From the weekend onwards Ireland will enter into a period of unusually cold weather, with winter hazards such as very low temperatures, severe frost, ice and heavy snow becoming common across many areas of the country. As such this severe weather advisory will take a look at the current forecast and assess the potential impacts.’

Cathal adds that ‘From Sunday onwards bitterly cold easterly winds will develop across the country, feeding in an airmass which originated over Scandinavia and Siberia. This exceptionally cold airmass will result in very low temperatures by night, with lows of -6 to -10 quite possible in some areas. Daytime values during next week will struggle to get above freezing, with frost and ice a major problem on our roads.’

‘Coastal counties of Leinster and parts of the Midlands like North Wicklow, Dublin, Meath, Lough, Westmeath, Offaly, Laois and Longford are most at risk of seeing heavy snow during the first half of the week,’ he says.

You can keep up to date with Ireland’s Weather Channel via this link.

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